Another JOB in Another LIFE

Posted: Desember 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello my blog.. what’s going on? long time no write on my note. I have worked in dairy for 2 years. it was so quickly but sometimes it was so long journey. I spent my life 1 year in Malang. Did you know I lived in a mountain, far way from city of Malang with limited facillty. It was so bored living here. I didn’t have neighbor anything only the staff operational. I thought it is so hard life for woman with hard job, people, and pressure social. In another years, I spent my life in another continental. I lived different time, culture, language, and definitely lonely. it was so hard you had to did everything by yourself. I just felt lonely with high pressure job. I have spent work of there just like exploitation resource but I could learn everything. the most Important I got life lesson about another country, another continental. I felt so greatful God given me opportunity lived over there (We call AMERICA). I am so proud my self could get gold ticket lived and learn everything. One year it was so quickly it was pretending a princess awoke up from sleep. “ hei ulin time to wake up, your dreaming its over’… Oh my Goodness.. when I felt falling in love and comfort with my life over there I had to go back. It was so hard to left everyone and my life over there. But I still remember it was part of my life proposal.

Hei princess, time flight indonesia. Here I started my life in Indonesia especially Malang city on May. When I arrived in Malang I was so excited to start work and would to tell everything about America. But My passion was getting down when the Head of Unit told me about my future in dairy. Management would give me new promotion job. I didn’t know it was a disaster or blessed for me. I just though to get my job. Another time was disaster coming……

It was so hard time to acceptance now I have to work in new department. It was difficult department with hard people had low knowledge. The first week I worked in Feed Department I was forced to know everything and all the matters in feed start indiscipline, low passion to work, and didn’t have team work. I was so excited I could do and made a breakthrough but in another day and week I am so tired with this job. So hard for me to recognize all feed. It make me felt down when I am trying to show up my program but my boss refuse all my program and didn’t support all the system in this department. its so complicated department. This is a lame in a company..


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