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I’ve walked alone for a long time, only looking down on the roads.

One day He has shown to me at a corner of my ways.

He has pointed the way for me, who had no idea of the right path to go.

And he led to me the way holding my hand.

The first time of walking with him was so joyful, that I walked with delight.

The way, however, was very long. It was very tiring and my feet hurt.

Others seemed to walk easily and fast.

I looked upon him. I asked him to carry me.

By himself, but??

He just walked without saving anything holding my hand.

I saw many beautiful things beside my road.

Thought shook his head, tired more and more to become free of his hand.

Escaping from him. I saw Him getting farther behind me.

I tried not to turn back to see.

And as time goes by.

My memory faded away.

I had many people who indulged me and rode speed cars.

But the day became darkened.

The bright light turned off one by one.

Those which made me pleasant were getting stopped.

My feet were so wakened. It was very hard to walk alone.

I turned my head up.

He was reaching his hands to me.

Silently at the back side of me.

Just as he was at first time.

I’m walking the old way once again.

There would be many hills ahead of that way.

There might be many things that can turn my eyes unto,

but I will not take his hands away any more.

Because as I know that my hands are bound with him tightly.

Who is walking with me?

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